Carolina Pick 3

Carolina Pick 3's Green Ball Bonus Draw

An extra chance to win more every night of the week
from November 4 to December 1.

The Pick 3 Green Ball Bonus Draw Promotion begins on November 4 and ends December 1, 2012. This exciting promotion gives Pick 3 players a chance to increase their winnings.

The Green Ball Bonus Draw will be held after the nightly Pick 3 drawing at 11:22PM. In the draw, six white balls and one green ball will be loaded into a draw machine. When the Green Ball is drawn, all players who have winning Pick 3 tickets from that evening’s Pick 3 drawing will receive bonus money. See the prize chart below for the exact payout for each winning combination.

If a white ball is selected during a Green Ball Bonus Draw, the white ball will be removed from the draw machine, resulting in one less white ball for the next evening’s Green Ball Bonus Draw. This will continue until the Green Ball is drawn. Once the Green Ball is picked, all of the balls go back into the draw machine and the fun starts again. The Green Ball will be chosen at least once every seven days during the promotional period.

No additional purchase is necessary for the Pick 3 Green Ball Bonus Draw. All valid Pick 3 tickets for the 11:22PM drawing (evening draw) are eligible during the specified promotional period.

Pick 3 Prize Payout Chart with Green Ball
Play Types Regular Prize Payout Green Ball Drawn
50¢ Base Play $1.00 Base Play 50¢ Base Play $1.00 Base Play
*50/50 Exact match payout includes the "Exact" portion plus the "Any" portion.
(Exact Order)
  $250 $500 $299 $598
(Any Order)
3-Way $80 $160 $96 $192
6-Way $40 $80 $48 $96
(Exact/Any Order)
3-Way N/A $330 (Exact)
$80 (Any)
N/A $395 (Exact)
$96 (Any)
6-Way N/A $290 (Exact)
$40 (Any)
N/A $347 (Exact)
$48 (Any)
(All Combinations
of Exact Order)
3-Way $250 $500 $299 $598
6-Way $250 $500 $299 $598

Green Ball Promotion Rules

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