RALEIGH – Rudolph Peterson, a production operator from Halifax, won $1 million instantly playing the lottery’s $4,000,000 Cash Blowout game. He scratched off the lucky ticket at the store he purchased it from, the New Dixie Mart on N.C. 903 in Halifax.

“Of all the stores in North Carolina, I was in the right place at the right time,” the North Carolina native said. “I’m still just shocked.”

Peterson’s good luck means he will receive the $1 million prize in annuity payments of $50,000 a year for 20 years. He has already received his first check for $34,006 after taxes and said he’d use his winnings to pay off his car, travel and save for the future.

Peterson is the sixth player to win $1 million since the $4,000,000 Cash Blowout game started on Jan. 10, 2012. One $1 million prize, one $4 million prize and many other prizes remain to be claimed.

Since the lottery began through June 30, 2012, Halifax County education programs received more than $14.7 million in lottery funds. By law, those funds pay for teachers’ salaries in grades K-3, school construction, prekindergarten programs for at-risk four-year-olds, and need-based college scholarships and financial aid.

To date, the N.C. Education Lottery has raised more than $2.9 billion for these initiatives statewide.