RALEIGH – Dorothy Bundy of Jacksonville plans to check some things off of her “bucket list” after matching all five numbers in Thursday’s Carolina Cash 5 drawing and winning the $855,949 jackpot.

Bundy has played the same random set of numbers in the Cash 5 game since she began playing six years ago, believing that her numbers would be drawn eventually. When she called the lottery’s player helpline to check the winning numbers on Friday morning, she learned that her lucky day had finally come.

“I was in total shock,” Bundy said. “I called back three more times just to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m afraid to wake up.”

Bundy plans to use her winnings, worth $582,045 after state and federal taxes were withheld, to take a trip to Disney World, go whitewater rafting, take a cruise to the Bahamas and visit Salem, Mass.

“Those are things I’ve always wanted to do,” Bundy said. “This money will help me do what I want to do and what I need to do. And it gives me security. I already feel more relaxed.”

Bundy purchased her ticket, which beat odds of 1 in 575,757 to match all five numbers drawn, at the Food Lion on Piney Green Road in Jacksonville.

Ticket sales for games such as Carolina Cash 5 have made it possible for the lottery to raise more than $2.9 billion for education programs statewide. Details on how more than $37.5 million in lottery funds have made a difference in Onslow County are available on the “Where the Money Goes” page on the lottery’s website.