Jeff Field of Waxhaw in Union County says he often dreams that he has won the lottery. “I probably have three to four dreams a week of a $100,000 winner,” he said. “I can even describe the ticket.”

But what happened to Field on Friday morning at the Fill Good on Cuthbertson Road in Waxhaw was no dream.

Field bought three instant tickets and won $2 on the first one and then scratched his way to the top prize of $100,000 with a $5 Carolina Black ticket. He and his wife were soon on their way to lottery headquarters to collect their prize.

Field said he plans to use his winnings, worth $68,001 after state and federal taxes were withheld, to pay bills, buy a new four-wheeler and a log splitter, and then tuck the rest away into savings. As of Tuesday morning, one top prize remains to be claimed in the Carolina Black game.

Since the lottery began through June 30, 2012, Union County education programs received more than $55.3 million in lottery funds. By law, those funds pay for teachers’ salaries in grades K-3, school construction, prekindergarten programs for at-risk four-year-olds, and college scholarships and financial aid based on need.

To date, the N.C. Education Lottery has raised more than $2.58 billion for these initiatives statewide.