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Our site has been developed using the latest Internet technology. In order for you to be able to clearly see all the information displayed, you must have at least the minimum required levels of the most popular browsers. To determine your browser's version, click on HELP, then ABOUT (your browser's name), and you should see a display listing your current version. If needed, you should be able to upgrade your version free of charge from your vendor's internet site or from your browser's own branded site. To ensure the highest levels of security you want to use a browser with 128-bit encryption (Domestic security). The following browser configurations are recommended for viewing this site using a minimum 800 x 600 pixels screen resolution.

Other browsers and operating systems may not be fully compatible with this site. If you are using an older browser, the site may not display correctly and there may also be some loss of functionality.

Javascript must be enabled for pages to function properly.

FLASHTM is required for web video and animation.

Your choice of software may be out of your hands. However, if you do have control over what software you are using you should consider upgrading your browser. Doing so will improve your web experience, enabling you to use and view sites as their creators intended. If you have any questions concerning upgrading your browser, contact your Internet Service Provider (Your ISP is the company that provides your Internet connection, such as Earthlink, RoadRunner, AOL, etc.) or the browser developer.

Older browsers weren't built to support CSS, and only recent versions of the major browsers support CSS adequately enough to avoid unpredictable layout problems. Those who continue to use older browsers will see a much simpler website with some oddities in layout, text size, and colors.

We have rebuilt the site to approach the Web standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The site now relies heavily on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for page layout and design details. The markup language we use to describe the content of these pages now adheres to strict Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) rules, ensuring compatibility with past-recent and present Web browsers, as well as future browsing applications.

If you have questions about the practices of this website, or your interaction with the site, please contact us at:

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