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Denotes a Second Chance GameScratch-off games with this logo offer even more fun! Enter any non-winning scratch-off game with this logo into great second chance drawings for cash prizes, merchandise and other winning experiences. To enter into a second chance drawing, visit

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Aces & 8's
Aces & 8's New Game!
Papa John's
Papa John's New Game!
$ New Game!
$200 Million Blowout
Lucky Spot
Triple 7's
Crossword 10x
Break the Bank w/ Back Scratch
$10,000 Jackpot
$50,000 Jackpot
$200,000 Jackpot
$1,000,000 Jackpot
Casino Crossword
Quick Silver
Twisted Bingo
Golden 7's
$2,500 A Week for Life
Triple Fortune
Lucky Numbers
Hit $500
Mega Bucks
$500 A Week For Life
Hot 5's
Red Hot 5's
White Hot 5's
Double Doubler
Scoop the Cash
Millionaire 7's
Rapid Refund
Red Line Tripler Crossword
$200,000 Grant
Multiplier Spectacular
$1,000 A Week For Life
Jumbo Bucks
Gold Coins
Lucky Clover
Gold Bar Bingo
Jr. Big Ol' Bucks
Lucky 7's
EZ Money
Triple The Money
$250,000 Cash Money
The Color of Money
Carolina Limited
Ultimate Crossword
Cold Hard Cash
$120 Million Cash
$40,000 Bankroll
Super Loteria
50X The Cash
$200,000 Extreme Cash
Red, White, & Blue Cash
$4 Million Gold Bullion
$2,500 A Week For Life
$5,000 A Week For Life
Maximum Green
Jumbo Bucks
Mega Bucks (Red)
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