Encouraging Responsible Play

Since day one, the N.C. Education Lottery has been committed to encouraging responsible play. While the vast majority of players enjoy our games without issue, the lottery recognizes its responsibility to make available information and resources to those who may show signs of problem gambling.

The North Carolina Problem Gambling Helpline

As part of our commitment to promote responsible play, the lottery provides $1 million a year as the only sponsor of the NC Problem Gambling Program. In addition to prevention and outreach, the NC Problem Gambling Program offers the Problem Gambling Helpline to provide information and treatment to individuals and the loved ones of those who may be dealing with problem gambling. Licensed counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist North Carolina residents and coordinate free, confidential in-person or phone-based counseling.

Problem gamblers and their loved ones can receive help 24 hours a day by calling 877-718-5543, texting morethanagamenc to 53342 (normal text messaging fees may apply) or by live web chat at www.morethanagamenc.com.

The Lottery's Commitment

The lottery has obtained the World Lottery Association's Level 3 Responsible Gaming Certification. The World Lottery Association is an international, member-based organization with the purpose of advancing the interest of state authorized lotteries. The WLA created their Responsible Gaming Framework to serve as a guideline for member lotteries to follow so that they can demonstrate their level of commitment to encouraging responsible play. There are four levels of WLA RG accreditation and the NCEL is one of just five U.S. lotteries that have reached level three.

“Integrity, respect, honesty and trust are the four core values of the N.C. Education Lottery. We believe those values are at the heart of a strong Responsible Gaming program and are the way for a lottery to balance its mission to raise money for a good cause with its responsibility to look after the interests of its players.”
- Alice Garland,
Executive Director, NC Education Lottery

Responsible Gaming Education

Odds and a “Play Responsibly” message are included on every ticket, in all advertisements and wherever else possible. For example, information about the NC Problem Gambling Program and its toll-free number can even be found on every pencil at lottery play centers in stores as well as Responsible Gaming handouts.

Using social media, the lottery shares Responsible Gaming updates and information throughout the year, including National Problem Gaming Awareness month (March), Responsible Gaming Education week (August), and National Recovery Month (September).

The NCEL conducts an annual holiday campaign encouraging players only to purchase tickets as gifts for people 18 years of age and older. More info at http://ncpgambling.org/holiday

NCEL provides RG training to all employees, and is committed to updating and improving this training on a regular basis.

Self-Exclusion: Within the NCEL’s subscription service and Play at the Pump features, players have the ability to self-exclude. This means that a player can request to voluntarily exclude themselves from being able to purchase tickets through either service for any amount of time or permanently.

Within three years, all 6,800 lottery retailers are expected to have completed web-based Responsible Gaming training. Upon completion of training, a retailer receives a “Responsible Gaming Approved” stamp to be added to their license to sell. ex

“In the relatively short time the NCEL has been in existence they have developed a significant body of responsible gaming initiatives.””
- Keith Whyte
Executive Director,
National Council on Problem Gambling

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact Sarah Hardin at 919-760-0427 or sarah.hardin@lotterync.net and Teri Riddle at 919-301-3304 or Teri.Riddle@lotterync.net.

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