Where The Money Goes: By County

How North Carolina Education Lottery Funds Benefit Gaston County

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Gaston County: $65,645,732

Gaston County has received more than $65,645,732 in lottery funds since inception of the lottery in March 2006. Last year, Gaston County received a total of $10,414,068. Here's more information about the education programs the lottery supports. To see a breakdown of how lottery dollars were used last year in Gaston County, go to the FY 2013 Beneficiary Statement.

Teachers' Salaries $21,521,439

Gaston County has received more than $21,521,439 to help pay the salaries of 415 teachers in grades K-3.

415 Teaching
School Construction Projects $22,031,539

More than $22,031,539 raised by the lottery for school construction in Gaston County meets needs that otherwise would have to be paid for with local property taxes. Local officials decide how to spend the money.

Prekindergarten $15,790,722

The N.C. Pre-K Program serves children at risk of falling behind their peers as they start kindergarten. More than $15,790,722 in lottery funds have paid for 3375 four-year-olds in Gaston County to prepare for success.

3375 At-Risk Pre-K Enrollments
College Scholarships $4,399,209

College students who qualify for federal Pell Grants in Gaston County have received 4021 lottery scholarships. More than $4,399,209 in lottery funds have been used for tuition, fees, room and board, books and supplies.

4021 Need-Based Scholarships
Financial Aid $1,562,714

Lottery funds have also supplied 3582 grants to college students attending state universities within the UNC system who qualify for UNC need-based financial aid. Those students have used more than $1,562,714 to help pay for the cost of their education.

3582 Financial Aid Grants

For fiscal year 2013, $340,109 in lottery funds were allocated to Gaston County to partially offset how much of its state funding an LEA had to return to the state.

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