Welcome to your new lottery

The lottery is up and running on a brand new system with the newest and best technology in the lottery industry.

A new operating system, installed March 26, completes a refresh of much of the equipment used to play the lottery. It replaces the first system set up when the lottery started 11 years ago.

Many of the changes should be transparent to you, but it's exciting to get new technology to support our lottery games. This will allow the lottery to work more effectively and efficiently with you and our retailers. And having more effective and efficient operations will help the lottery continue its success in raising money for education.

We hope you like the new equipment and new ways to play. And we're not done yet. Coming soon will be a new website and new mobile app.

Tips on new equipment and new ways to play

Flex Terminal New and faster equipment for retailers

All retailers have new lottery terminals or lottery touch vending machines with large user-friendly touch screens and a faster printer. This should speed up the time it takes for lottery transactions to occur at retail locations. You will also find your ticket purchase transaction information located in the lower right corner of the new larger monitor.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 Are you a Pick 3 and Pick 4 player that loves to play Trips and Quads?

Requesting all 10 numbers for Trips and/or Quads has never been easier. Simply ask your retailer for all Trip numbers or all Quad numbers and with a touch of a button, the retailer can print the numbers for you. That's right, no more play slips when playing all 10 numbers.

Ticket Checker Did you win? Now it's easy to check your tickets at all retail locations.

Ticket checkers are everywhere! As a convenience to our players, all retailers now have a self-serve ticket checker at their location. For locations that have a ticket vending machine, that too has a ticket checker in the machine. Just scan the bar code on the ticket to see if you won a prize.

Touch Vending Machine New Touch Screen Vending Machines

Many retail locations now have the new digital touch screen vending machines that are fun and easy to use.

In addition to getting scratch-off games, you can purchase your favorite draw games too. And if you are playing a draw game you can either choose a quick pick or choose your own numbers by either using a play slip or by using the touch screens to pick your lucky numbers. Prompts on the screen will walk you through it.Reinvest

You can also "reinvest" your winnings at the new touch vending machine. Reinvestment lets you use money from a winning ticket to make additional purchases. You'll get that option with winning tickets up to $60. Just follow the prompts on the touch screen.

Play Center New Play Centers at most locations

You will find sleek and colorful new play centers at most retail locations. The play centers will make it easier for you to get information about lottery games, odds of winning prizes and the latest lottery promotions.

Repeat Play We understand the convenience of using Repeat Play

If you use the Repeat Play feature for your favorite numbers, then you will just need to reset your Repeat Play feature by completing a new play slip or asking the retailer for Repeat Play next time you purchase your ticket.