$158MillionEstimated AnnuityNext Drawing: Jun. 30, 2017Est. Cash Value: $100.5 MillionAppr. Jackpot Odds: 1 in 259 Million
June 28, 2017 ‘Frenzy’ scratch-offs are jam-packed with prizes ‘Frenzy’ scratch-offs are jam-packed with prizes The new tickets are loaded with more prizes that could make your day.
 Tiffany Ikner
$5,000 Winner! Tiffany Ikner won $5,000
playing Double Match!
 Terri Rufty
$10,000 Winner! Terri Rufty won $10,000
playing $1,000,000 Taxes Paid!
 Qawi Bailey
$5,000 Winner! Qawi Bailey won $5,000
playing Jeep!
 Larry Coleman
$5,000 Winner! Larry Coleman won $5,000
playing Pick 4!
#552 #553 #554 #555
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