$284MillionEstimated AnnuityNext drawing Oct. 31, 2014.Estimated cash value $172.0 Million.Approximate jackpot odds 1 in 259 million.
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October 28, 2014 Winning Bonus Bucks entry found in glove compartment Winning Bonus Bucks entry found in glove compartment If not for a slip of his fingers on his phone, Stephen Wood’s $50,000 winning entry might still be crumpled up in his glove compartment.
 Joseph Taylor
$5,000 Winner! Joseph Taylor won $5,000
playing Super Loteria!
 Herman Batts
$50,000 Winner! Herman Batts won $50,000
playing $50,000 Jackpot!
 Daniel Wilson
$10,000 Winner! Daniel Wilson won $10,000
playing Powerball!
 Lavonne Burnett
$200,000 Winner! Lavonne Burnett won $200,000
playing Break the Bank w/ Back Scratch!
Ace & 8's Papa John's $ $200 Million Blowout
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